Why Ethical Hackers Club?

Note: This “About” page was last updated way back September 2016,  so it’s highly possible that many things had happened already after the published date.

Hello! EthicalHackers.club is a personal blog of Ameer Pornillos, an information security enthusiast from Philippines. This site would be his journal about his journey in the world of ethical hacking, penetration testing, digital forensics and deep web.

Ethical Hackers Club

Over the years he has worked with tons of technology stuffs from server/network administration, to programming/coding, to software testing, to web developing/designing, and debugging/reverse engineering applications.

Right now, his interests are learning more about ethical hacking, digital forensics and exploring the deep web. Hence, this site was born. He also started this site, as a sort of preparation for the OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional) certification that he’s aiming to get.

Update: Ameer Pornillos already managed to obtain the Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) certification. Here is his OSCP review regarding the course.

On this site, he will be publishing his journey, adventures and things he learned/learning related to ethical hacking and computer forensics. All the information in here is for educational purposes only. Ethical Hackers Club is always willing to help you about your questions or problems related to “hacking” or any content on this site based on the author’s learning and experience.

Hope this site is going help you somehow!

Thanks for reading!