Hello! EthicalHackers.club is a personal blog/site of Ameer Pornillos, a cyber security enthusiast from Philippines. This site would be his journal about his journey in the world of ethical hacking, penetration testing, digital forensics and anything related to cyber security.

Ethical Hackers Club


This site started way back 2016 when he was studying and researching on ethical hacking / penetration testing in preparation for his OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional) certification (by the way here is his OSCP review for the course). Also way back then, cyber security is not that trending in PH (Philippines), and even HR people in PH are not familiar with the course/certification (at least by author’s view and experience during that time). Likewise he aimed to share write-ups and walkthroughs in solving VulnHub machines. Hence, the site was born.

He also used the name Ethical Hackers Club as a team name during the time he started actively playing and joining CTFs (Capture the Flag) security competitions.


At present, the author works as an offensive security engineer / penetration tester for a Fortune 500 company and holds various certifications in security industry such as OSCE, OSWE, OSCP and GXPN. He is also a member of hackstreetboys, a CTF team from the Philippines. Way back 2021, the team did managed to grab the 3rd place in DEFCON 29: Red Team Village CTF where various cybersecurity challenges related to red teaming need to be solved.

In this site, he will be publishing his journey, adventures and things he learned/learning related to ethical hacking, forensics and any topics around cyber security. All the information in here is for educational purposes only. Note that Ethical Hackers Club content/s are based on the author’s learning and experience.

Hope this site is going help you somehow!

Thanks for reading! 👋